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We are helping St. Simons homes perform better.

Turning your home into a bastion of energy efficiency yields some fantastic benefits. Not only will your homes consistently be at the right temperature all year round, but the amount you can save on utilities is mind-boggling.

We serve St. Simons, GA community to help them reap the benefits of energy-efficient homes through our insulation and encapsulation services.

Performance Energy is Also a Specialist in Culling Viruses, Bacteria, And Concerns.

Homes that thrive on serenity, tranquility, and peace of mind are always in our interest. We know that viruses and bacteria have become quite a concern in homes. That’s why with every service, we offer an additional Whole House HVAC and Bacterial Killing UVC Light Kit. For an additional $299 with our standard services, we will install a unit that will keep the air fresh in your home. The appliance features:
  • One UVC light kit that kills over 99% of bacteria and viruses in your home
  • Eliminating any health risks that come in from the outside
  • Holistic and professional installation
  • A USA-manufactured unit guaranteed to last
  • The safety and security that you crave for your home
Insulation Company St. Simons, Georgia | Improving Energy Performance

Be the envy of St. Simons.

Transforming your home into the epitome of energy efficiency means one significant matter. There’s going to be more cash in your pocket. Instead of throwing wads of money towards your utility bills, why not use it to improve your house even more? Your property could be the envy of your neighborhood by simply using our insulation and encapsulation service.
Insulation Company St. Simons, Georgia | Improving Energy Performance

Your Friends, Family, And Colleagues Won’t Believe How Much You Are Saving!

We love our family, friends, and colleagues dearly – but it is a little nice when we can make them jealous! Performance Energy saves homes in St. Simons, GA hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on utility bills.

If you told them that you’ve managed to reduce your energy costs this much, would they believe you?

We Are Not Kidding When We Say We Bring Results.

Our insulation and encapsulation services have certification, accreditation and have found reverence as the best around town.

We have revolutionized scores of St. Simons’ homes into energy efficiency icons that get rid of drafts, molds, moisture, and any other crawlspace and attic anomalies. Performance Energy redefines how you relax in your home.

Insulation Company St. Simons, Georgia | Improving Energy Performance

There are three values behind Performance Energy services.

Our team strives to be your resource in providing one of the best home contracting services in St. Simons, GA. We incorporate three values with every insulation and encapsulation task to achieve that experience for our clients – comfort, savings, and security. Performance Energy is passionate about curating the most comfortable homes, increasing savings, and building a secure property for the future. We will do everything possible to adhere to those standards and deliver complete satisfaction.
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There’s Even More Cash in Your Pocket if You are a Georgia Power Customer.

Are you a Georgia Power customer in St. Simons? We are qualified and licensed Georgia Power contractors capable of processing rebates after our insulation and encapsulation services. That means we can get even more money in your bank on top of the savings you’ll have on your utilities!

There are plenty of reasons why we are ranked the best insulation company in St. Simons, Georgia. Excellent customer service is only one of them.

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The St. Simons Community Deserves Top Energy Performance.

Before you consider that pricey solar panel installed on your house, we can transcend your energy performance with our affordable insulation and encapsulation services. Performance Energy dedicates to the highest functioning, practical, and efficient homes in St. Simons, GA community. We know we can get the best out of your property’s energy at better rates.

Unlock Your Home’s Potential with the Best Insulation Contractor St. Simons Georgia.

Our cherished St. Simons residents already have gorgeous homes, but there is so much hidden potential to discover. Watch us reinvigorate your home, insulating every small crack, hole, and blemish to bring a proudly energy-efficient home that will stand tall for a generation. Let us show you how your property can do things you never thought possible!

Insulation Company St. Simons, Georgia | Improving Energy Performance
Insulation Company In Richmond Hill GA | Complete Home Protection

Isn’t it About time to Put Your Hard-Earned Cash Towards Things You Want?

The St. Simons community is a hard-working bunch. Shouldn’t we be able to spend more of our restitution on things we want? Perhaps some home improvement?

Maybe a trip somewhere? Performance Energy brings the savings you need to get what you desire faster. For just a $2400 upfront investment on insulation and encapsulation services, we can start you saving around $200 a month on your bills.

Let us explain how our ‘whole house’ approach benefits St. Simons’ homes.

The ‘whole house’ method of energy efficiency services is Performance Energy’s unique approach. Our professionals undertake a thorough analysis of your house, identifying areas that compromise energy in your entire property. We calculate the R factors and apply air sealing, insulation, and encapsulation that benefit the house as a whole, ultimately bringing top energy performance.

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We Make Your Property Airtight so That You Never Feel Another Draft.

Older homes tend to bring that unwanted draftiness making it challenging to get the temperatures desired in each room.

Our professionals will investigate every corner of your attics and crawlspaces to ensure that no air seeps into the structure of your property. Who said you couldn’t touch an old home with new tricks?

Discover Unbelievable Energy Efficiency with an Attic Insulation Company in St. Simons, Georgia.

Many St. Simons, GA residents can’t believe how attic insulation can be ground-breaking in energy efficiency. The spaces are often left unmaintained, allowing issues to develop. These structural anomalies include dampness, drafts, and moisture, which can become a severe risk to home integrity. These problems will fester and hinder the energy efficiency throughout your property, leading you to pay more for heat and cooling.

Insulation Company St. Simons, Georgia | Improving Energy Performance
Insulation Company in Pooler, Georgia | Minimize Energy Usage

Our Crawlspace Insulation Services Turn Your Home into a Fortress of Comfort.

Once we insulate your crawlspace, your family can take solace that your home will resonate comfort for years to come. The summers will be pleasantly cool again, and your winters will be nice and cozy.

Performance Energy dedicates to reviving St. Simons, GA houses to be that place of happy returns. There’s no place like home, after all!

Crawlspace encapsulation in St. Simons, Georgia, ensures you never see another drop of moisture.

Would it bring you peace of mind to know that encapsulation helps control molds, pests, and moisture in your crawlspace? Never have to worry about the clandestine spaces in your home again. Our crawlspace encapsulation services fortify your property from any unwanted nuisances. Let health and happiness prevail in every single room!

See our proven results and resounding successes.

We could continue to tell you about how we have managed to metamorphize St. Simons, GA homes into cash-saving, energy-efficient sanctuaries. But why don’t you let our customers tell you?

We have amassed hundreds of 5-star reviews across all popular rating platforms such as Google and Facebook. Hear how we’re changing lives straight from the horse’s mouth!

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