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Home Thermal Insulation Contractor

Home thermal insulation is not just a great way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature by reducing the transfer of heat; it also comes with plenty of other benefits, ranging anywhere from protecting the environment to saving you money on heating and cooling costs.

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Advantages of thermal insulation

Advantages of having a properly designed, installed, and maintained home thermal insulation system:
  • Minimizing your energy loss
  • Increased savings on your utility bills
  • An upgrade that quickly pays for itself
  • Improving the comfort of your home
  • Preventing molds and other damages
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Home Thermal Insulation Contractor

Minimizing your energy loss

A regular insulation system that is properly designed and installed can immediately reduce energy consumption. It can decrease heat loss by around 20 times on hot pipes and heated surfaces. This heat preservation is quite important, considering nearly half of all energy consumption is heat-related.

In addition, insulation can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is also important as heat accounts for 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. With the increasing importance and raised awareness to reduce energy consumption to protect our precious environment, maximizing energy efficiency in homes has become more important than ever.

This makes home thermal insulation an important thing to consider, as it is one of the simplest things that can drastically reduce your energy usage and make your home significantly more environmentally friendly.

Cutting down your energy bills

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, on average, almost half of a home’s energy bill is spent on heating and cooling. Considering the current prices for natural gas and fuel, it would be a wise choice, financially speaking, to reduce the amount of gas and fuel needed to run the house. A home thermal insulation system is an ideal method to do so since your home’s heating and cooling systems no longer have to be amped up all the time to maintain the desired temperature.

By keeping the warm air in the house during winter and the cool air in during summertime, a well-maintained insulation system is estimated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to save an average homeowner 15% on heating and cooling costs, or 20% in colder regions of the country. This is 11% of total energy costs and is about $200 for most households. Therefore, if you would like to save money on your energy costs, it is time for you to consider installing or upgrading your home’s thermal insulation system


Insulation is an instant payback in investment

In case you are concerned about the costs of installing or upgrading a home thermal insulation system, you should know that this is an upgrade that pays for itself.

Think about the significant amount of money it can save you in the years to come. As long as you maintain your insulation properly, the saving in investment will continue to last for the entire lifetime of the facility. As a matter of fact, it costs more to not insulate, as the operating costs of your heating and cooling systems will exceed the installation and maintenance fee of an effective insulation system.

The average payback for an investment in insulation is between 6 months and 2 years. This means that within this time, the amount of money that your insulation will have saved you in utility bills is equivalent to the cost to install it. This makes it an extremely favorable upgrade to your home as it quickly justifies its cost.

A home thermal insulation system is important to consider if you would like to contribute to environmental protection by reducing your energy consumption and at the same time save money on utility bills with an upgrade that quickly pays for itself.

If you wish to install home thermal insulation or upgrade ones, we are here to help.