Blower door test

Preparing for a
Blower Door Test?

The iconic red blower door test is the first step in measuring and calculating a Home’s energy performance. Blower doors are used specifically to seal off the entrance way of a home during the testing process. The blower door test includes a fan mounted inside of the door which is turned up high enough to create a negative or positive pressure depending on the type of test being performed. Once the appropriate pressure has been met, the technician can then go around the house and identify leeks and areas that need to be sealed. We also may perform tests safety standpoint on your gas and other combustion equipment to be sure it can handle the energy improvements safely. The blower door test is more then an energy calculation, it’s also a safety test.

The technician that’s performing the blower door test should be testing in on the front side and once the work is complete he or she will test out on the backside of the job. This will ensure not only that the work was completed but that no unsafe conditions have been created during the course of the work. You can read more about the blower door test here.

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