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The BPI (Building Performance Institute) provides specialized training and certifications for professionals in the energy fields. In particular, our field of sealing and insulating. When it comes to an energy retrofit, BPI has some of the best training available. We maintain current certifications through BPI including the Certified Building Analyst and the Blended certification which includes the testing of leakage within HVAC systems or (IDL). View my certification here-  BPI_Certificate – Paul Hoover BA

We Maintain Challenging Certifications That Help Our Customers

Our training includes certifications on high tech equipment that is designed to point out air leakage in a home or small business.  The blower door test is where it all begins when it comes to an energy audit. We are trained to perform this test as well as combustion safety testing.

We use the best equipment available in our energy testing

We use a variety of equipment including Thermal Imaging to find and eliminate energy losses in a home.

Thermal Imaging Is Another Way For Us To Help You

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