Full Energy Retrofit

Full Energy Retrofit

Full Energy
We Can Test Your HVAC System

We are the only Energy Retrofit Contractor You Will Need. Performance energy is qualified to be your full energy retrofit company. We provide all of the necessary skills and certifications to take on upgrading your entire home or small business. We offer upfront consultations, testing, energy modeling and install services.

In addition to energy audits and insulation services of Windows siding and insulation, we are also certified IDL contractors. This certification allows us to troubleshoot and test the air tightness (or leakiness) your HVAC system.

The Whole
House Approach

We are constantly searching out the best and most impactful products and services for our clients. Our road map includes implementing more energy related hardware installations in combination with our existing service offerings of Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Blower Door Testing. An example is possibly combining targeted energy efficiency improvement and energy creation both at 30%.

The result would be an overall improvement of greater than 60%. Additional savings and obvious partnering opportunities with us might include home integration hardware and software. Providing the integration included an API for our developers and could regulate a combination of HVAC functions as well as automated sensors and PV / Storage devices.

The Whole House Approach