Insulation and Energy Sealing

air seal before you insulate

80% of “insulation companies” are not trained on the benefits of air sealing and insulating together correctly. That’s bad news for home owners.

Why is it so important?

Insulation that is blown in or laid in is not designed to stop air flow. There are special dense packed blow in insulation types that are designed to stop air flow, but the majority are designed to stop the movement of energy (conduction) not the flow of air (convection). This is why it is so important to air seal before you insulate.

You’ve got to seal it before you insulate it to get it 100% correct.

Air Sealing and insulating

The department of energy has a guideline set forth that provides us the correct parameters for calculating insulation as well as the procedures and exact steps involved in air sealing. One of the biggest things that makes us different as a company is our understanding an our practices of correctly air sealing in conjunction with insulating.

You may need an energy audit

Our energy audit will determine all of the required steps (including sealing and insulating). Ready to schedule your energy audit?

It’s often more important to air seal than it is to insulate although both are required for optimal comfort. Up to 30% of a home’s energy is lost through uncontrolled ex-filtration and infiltration of conditioned air. This results in an an inefficient home. Checkout the National Home Performance Council’s  air sealing guide.

We always provide air sealing as part of our work scope prior to any insulation being installed. Sealing it up right is the first step in a balanced, energy-efficient home.

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Dealing with a drafty / leaky house?

We strive to be different and better. Our passion for energy savings and comfort helps us find better solutions for our customers. Read more about us here.

Do you have a leaky house with high energy bills, cold or “sick” rooms? Want to know exactly what can be done and the cost? Start with an energy audit that includes a blower door test. We will calculate exactly the amount of energy loss and write up a scope of work to tighten up your home and improve the air quality, comfort and efficiency.

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