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Performance Energy helps Beaufort SC homeowners fall in love with their properties all over again. We help homes become more energy-efficient, creating incredible comfort and generating unbelievable savings on energy bills. Explore how we are helping the community tell brilliant stories about their houses.

We give homes the complete package

Keep health and happiness reigning and your energy affordable

Performance Energy uses health and happiness as the pillars to prop up our insulation and encapsulation services. We want our clients to feel like their homes are the most secure, safest, and hearty places in the world. That’s why with every service, we offer installation of an HVAC Virus and Bacteria Killing UVC Light Kits for only $299 extra. We bring the pleasure of knowing your home is the best place to be with a complete package of comfort and health.

Why does the additional UVC Light Kit benefit you?

  • It kills over 99% of molds, bacteria, and viruses
  • Complimentary installation of the system
  • A single unit that covers the entire house
  • Giving back to the American manufacturing industry
  • Cleaner and fresher air throughout your home
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#1 Trustworthy Insulation Contractor Beaufort SC.

What’s an insulation contractor, you ask? You can think of us as the superheroes saving homes from the villainous high energy bills. We are an expert team with ‘superpowers’ in insulation and encapsulation services. Our loyal engineers assist any home in Beaufort, SC, that wants to turn its houses into one of the most energy-efficient properties in the community.

Not all heroes wear capes.

We may not show up in a superhero costume, but you can trust that we will be there when you flare the signal. You will know when it’s time to insulate, encapsulate, and air seal your crawlspaces and attics. Give us a call, and we will send our talented, knowledgeable team from our headquarters to start chopping down those utility bills.


We supercharge your home’s performance.

Consider us the league of extraordinary energy performance! We are leaps and bounds of the competition, bringing homes into the future of comfort and security.

Keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter shouldn’t be a battle. Trust our team to take drafts, leaks, and holes head-on using our insulation and encapsulation techniques as effective weapons.

Be the energy performance champion of Beaufort, SC

Give us a call for game-changing insulation and encapsulation services.
Why does crawlspace insulation matter?

Are you seeing constant temperature fluctuations in your home? Maybe the energy bills are causing arguments? Perhaps you are sneezing and coughing when inside your house? That’s why crawlspace insulation matters. It is one of the most effective methods to provide answers to all the questions listed above.

Trust your attic insulation company

in Beaufort, SC, to solve your energy problems.

Performance Energy knows how to provide solutions when your home faces energy troubles. We are known as the premier attic insulation company in Beaufort, SC, and beyond.

Trust that we will be able to patch up the problematic areas and give your home insulation to last a generation. Our name is synonymous with results, backed by 5-star reviews across the board.

Don’t like coming back home too cold or hot?

Whether you are coming home from the blazing sun or a frosty chill, no one likes to enter their home to the same temperatures. So, what’s causing your house to be so cold or hot? Many insulation companies don’t apply the necessary sealing before they put up the insulation material. It doesn’t provide a solution for all the drafts and air leaks. Therefore, it leaves the temperature in your home aligned with what the weather is like outside.

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We have a better way of doing things.

We use our innovative whole house technique that does what most energy performance doesn’t – ensure every room strikes a delicate temperate balance. Our professionals audit your entire home, searching for even the most intricate issues. We then apply a leading-edge air sealing of your crawlspaces and attics, followed by insulation and encapsulation.

Performance Energy is the highest-rated insulation company in Beaufort, SC.

Our energy efficiency methods have seen critical acclaim in Beaufort, SC. The savings and comfort of homes speak for themselves after we render our services. Discover what our customers throughout the south are saying on prominent review platforms such as Facebook and Google. You’ll find positive feedback about our expertise, friendliness, and advanced services.

Reap the rewards of the most robust

crawlspace encapsulation in Beaufort, SC.

Ask anybody about our crawlspace encapsulation services, and they will tell you why your home needs them. We maximize energy performance by doubling up on your existing crawlspace and attic insulation. The process includes the installation of vapor barriers that keep your spaces dry, fresh, and free of any sly pests that try to get in your house. You will reap the ever-growing rewards of a more functional home from encapsulation.

Discover all the services that revolutionize homes in Beaufort, SC.

Insulation and encapsulation are the bread and butter of Performance Energy. However, we offer additional services to unlock the potential of homes in Beaufort, SC. Explore more about our waterproofing and air sealing to bolster the value of your home and build a healthier environment.


Give us a call, and we will discuss how we can help your energy performance.

Are you ready to take your home into the future? Call us today and schedule a free consultation. We are proud members of the Beaufort, SC community, always willing to help make your houses the best places to live in the nation. Let’s write a brilliant new chapter in your home’s history together!