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Performance Energy, an Insulation Company in Hilton Head, SC.
At Performance Energy here in Hilton Head, SC, your comfort is our mission statement.

You deserve to come home every day after a hard day of work, grab your favorite drink and meal and relax on your favorite couch. Your home should always be ready at the perfect temperature, waiting for you to come and enjoy your well-deserved comfort. Unfortunately, this dream is interrupted once your monthly utility bills hit.

You’ve spent the time and effort to get your thermostat set on the perfect schedule so that you wake up comfortable. Then you leave for the day, and when you come back home after a hard day of work, it is already set to bring you back into a peaceful state of mind. But then that pesky utility bill hits and leaves you mumbling and grumbling because it is way more expensive than you thought it would be. Naturally, you are now left with only two options and both options are win-lose situations.

  • You can continue to have your home on a perfect temperature schedule while you grumble and complain about your high utility bills
  • OR • You compromise your comfort to save that money. Winters are now miserable because you have to wear 6 layers of clothes and summers are even worse with pools of sweat that follow you to every room.

We are a premiere Insulation Contractor in Hilton Head, SC.

We make home energy efficiency not only possible, but our services will also provide you with long-lasting results that will put more money back into your wallet.

This is possible thanks to our science-backed attic insulation, crawlspace insulation crawlspace encapsulation, and other home energy services. Not only are our expert services backed by scientific ingenuity, but they are also backed by our customers themselves.

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How Is This Possible?

Here at Performance Energy in Hilton Head, SC when it comes to our business and our customers, we have two simple goals that drive everything we do.
  • Save our customers money
  • To provide expert services in the attic insulation, crawlspace insulation, and crawlspace encapsulation industry that no other company can compete with.
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You Don’t Have to Compromise Comfort for Affordability

You shouldn’t ever have to compromise the comfort of your home just to make sure your utility bill is affordable every month.

You shouldn’t have to grumble and mumble as you march around turning off all the lights in the house and turning down your perfectly set thermostat just to save a few bucks. Every time you open a utility bill you should be able to pay it without even giving thought to ruining your perfect thermostat settings.

Performance Energy is a top-rated insulation contractor company in Hilton Head that provides top-notch customer service time and time again.

If you live anywhere near Hilton Head, SC, and are in need of attic insulation, crawlspace insulation, and crawlspace encapsulation services Performance Energy is the top-rated insulation company in the area. We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do, starting from your first call to your free home analysis with our Certified Building Analyst and all the way through to the end of your 25-year guaranteed warranty on our insulation.

Saving You Money Is Our Mission Statement.

The services we provide are guaranteed to lower your monthly utility bills every single month. You will not regret booking an appointment with us to have your whole home analyzed for all the ways your home is currently open to energy deficiencies that are causing you to have such high energy bills. Listed below are the fundamental services we provide:
  • Attic Insulation and Air Sealing
  • Crawlspace Insulation and Encapsulation
  • Energy Audit/Blower Door Testing
  • Ventilation Enhancement
  • Air Quality Improvement
  • Contractor Services
There is a reason why we are a top-rated insulation contractor company. It’s because we deliver high-value products and services with high-quality work. Not only do you get a FREE consultation with a Certified Building Analyst, but you will also have access to a customer-centered customer service team that can answer all your insulation and encapsulation questions.
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How Can an Insulation Contractor Company Like Performance Energy Save You Money?

Performance Energy can save you money on your monthly utility bills because of the products we offer. These products like our attic insulation, once it is installed into your house will immediately begin to do what it was designed to do. Our insulation is designed to seal and protect the areas of your house that you don’t normally think about when it comes to home energy efficiency.

Just ask us about it when you book a free consultation with one of our Certified Building Analysts.

Our crawlspace insulation and crawlspace encapsulation work the same way. Once you book our services and have us come out to install our insulation products, you will be amazed once you get your next energy bill. Insulation is designed to fill those unseen cracks in your attic and crawlspace where air drafts and moisture seep in which is why your energy bills can get as high as they do. However, once you have our insulation and encapsulation services and products installed into your attic and crawlspace, you won’t need to ever worry about those drafts and moistures that can cause foul odors.

This is only possible thanks to the science of our insulation, that once installed, it immediately gets to work on defending your home and closing up those areas of intrusion. So that you no longer have to compromise every month between either low utility bills or comfortability.

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Attic Insulation and Air Sealing

Your attic can either be used to protect your home or cause it harm. Without the proper attic insulation, you open your home up to moisture and air drafts that can seep into your home and cause foul odors and high utility bills.

By taking advantage of our attic insulation services at Performance Energy, you are taking advantage of expert insulation contractors that are not only able to install our scientific-backed insulation but are also able to air seal your attic as well.

When our technicians air seals your attic on top of installing our insulation, you are maximizing your potential to save as much energy as possible while halting all unwanted drafts and moisture from doing any harm to your home.

Crawlspace Insulation

At Performance Energy here in Hilton Hill, SC, our experts are trained and prepared to do the dirty work of insulating your crawlspaces, so that you don’t have to. Let us do the dirty work while you kick back and relax.

By allowing us to insulate your crawlspace, you are enhancing the efficiency of how your home uses and filters energy to save you more money.

Crawlspace insulation is used as a line of defense against wind drafts that sneak in through the cracks and keep any additional moisture from getting in which can cause any possible allergies or asthma to be triggered. Crawlspace insulation also combats and gets rid of foul odors caused by any moisture attempting to seep in through the crawlspace.

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Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation is a neat process where we install vapor barriers in your crawlspace that works hand-in-hand with your crawlspace insulation to protect your home even further. When you take advantage of using this additional service of crawlspace encapsulation you will be shocked to see just how much more efficient your home energy becomes the next time your monthly utility bill comes around.

Additional Services

While attic insulation, crawlspace insulation, and crawlspace encapsulation might be the fundamental services our attic insulation company offers. We can offer you so much more in our attempts to fulfill our mission statement to save you money on your energy utility bills:
  • A Whole House approach that analyzes every point of entry for potential air leaks
  • Whole house HVAC Virus and Bacteria Killing UVC light kits installation with manufacturer warranty
  • Energy Audit and Blower door testing
  • Contractor services
  • And plenty more

Contact Us Today

If you believe that what we have to offer is the solution to your home energy problems don’t wait any longer and contact us today.

Having to compromise every month between achieving lower energy bills and the comfortability of your own home is a thing of the past. Thanks to our modern scientific breakthroughs within the insulation industry Performance Energy, an Insulation Contractor Company in Hilton Head, SC, is able to provide you with not only great energy efficiency but also peace of mind the next time you see your energy bill.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards your energy efficiency and home comfort win-win scenario, give us a call today and book your free consultation with one of our certified experts.