Upgrading attic insulation and the tightening up of old duct work to improve energy efficiency of older homes.

by admin on March 23, 2019

Over time insulation degrades and HVAC ducts get leaky.

Typically we find a small amount of ground up, dirty insulation that was blown in (we also find old lay in bat insulation) during the original construction. Below are some images of recent inspections we’ve been on that show the condition of insulation of the 30 year + vintage.

Dirty, matted attic insulation in 30+ Year old attic.
Loose Duct Work leaking directly into attic! By By hard earned money.

As you can see, the bones of the attic are showing pretty well and there isn’t much left to actually insulate the space between the conditioned living space (the inside) and the attic space.

Attic Insulation can degrade over time

What happened?
Overtime, unprotected insulation gathers dust, gets pushed down by service people doing work, gets wind blow and overall degraded. Sometimes it gets so degraded that there isn’t any real measurable R value left.
Speaking of service people… We see over and over how the cable guy, the electrician, the roofers and other trades don’t treat the attic space very well and if your not looking behind them, the mess they leave get’s expensive.
Example: You get lights installed in the kitchen. Great, those new lights look awesome but did the electrician air seal around those new can lights? Did they put the insulation back properly around the can lights? Probably not. Over time, these kind of scenarios add up to a lot of lost energy around those penetrations made by the “trades” working in your attic.

Here is a close up image of an electrical penetration that was recently made but not air sealed. This hole literally connects the inside of the house to the attic (through the walls).

HVAC Duct Work Starts To Leak Over Time

We always include a comprehensive thermal scan of the HVAC system. Most often (in older homes) the duct work leaks. We have determined the average leakiness of a 30 year old system to be between 15 and 20% loss!

So- you not only are running your heating and air conditioning system (and paying) to air condition your attic, but your also wearing out the HVAC system by running it too much. We can easily resolve leaky air duct systems as part of an energy tune up. Here are some images of leaky ducts and thermal scans that show the actual cold air being pumped straight into the attic.

Air loss into attic from leaky duct work. Huge energy losses of (on average) 20%.

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