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Do you struggle to keep your home warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months? You’re certainly not alone! In fact, homeowners all across the nation struggle with energy efficiency. But here at Performance Energy, we’re here to make energy efficiency more attainable than ever before.
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We now offer Whole House HVAC Virus and Bacteria Killing UVC light kits

These kits can be installed for an additional $299
with any insulation and air sealing we perform.

What You Get:

  • 1 Whole house UVC Light kit installed
  • US based manufacturer and warranty
  • Installation and correct placement in your HVAC system
  • Peace of mind knowing you are impacting the Viral and Bacterial loads in the air you breathe!
  • UVC light can kill >99% of all mold, bacteria and viruses

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Your Energy Performance Partner

Whether you’re looking for attic air sealing and insulation, or energy efficient crawlspace insulating and air sealing for your home, Performance Energy is here to help.

Our insulating and air sealing method produces the best results and Our Crawlspace barrier has a 25 year warranty!

You Always Get A Certified Building Analyst to perform a free energy analysis, provide a detailed scope of work and a GREAT price.


Your Results – provided in writing.

Our insulation experts are here to provide you with the right solutions to ensure that you increase the energy performance of your home faster than ever before. We will explain how to save money and breath healthier air while becoming more efficient Permanently.

Permanent is a long time to be saving money through efficiency. An efficient home provides more income to be spent elsewhere such as increased savings, paying the mortgage down faster, etc.

The average ROI most of our clients experience creates as low as a 24 month ROI. (Sometimes much faster than that). This means a $2400 average investment in your homes efficiency spent on the most popular solution “Air sealing and insulating the attic” might provide an average of $200 per month in continued savings. And the savings will continue to increase as the cost of energy from the utility go up (should it).

Reduce before you produce

The DOE (Department OF Energy) suggests that home owners “Reduce before you produce”. Meaning before the solar panel goes on, consider air sealing and insulating it first! Solar, storage and efficiency all go hand in hand but the priority is to become efficient and then calculate your way towards additional savings through solar, storage as well as additional efficiency upgrade opportunities in the future.

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Take Advantage of New Monthly Savings

When you choose Performance Energy to help you improve the energy performance of your home, you instantly become privy to massive monthly savings! Making your home more energy efficient means spending less to heat and cool your home. Instantly, all of those savings fall right back to where they belong – your bank account!
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Seal It Tight & Insulate It Right!

You might not know it, but the energy performance of your home is directly tied to the type of insulation used within your attic, walls and your crawlspace, 

Here at Performance Energy, our hands-on team of insulation professionals will work with you to determine any points of vulnerability. From there, we’ll help you find the right solution to ensure that you can seal it tight and insulate it right!

Schedule Your Energy Audit Today

When you’re ready to schedule your energy audit with our team, let us know! We’re standing by to conduct a thorough audit of your home and identify any potential pain points that can be addressed to improve your energy efficiency.

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The Whole House Approach

Here at Performance Energy, we’ve worked hard to adopt the Whole House Approach. Through this unique approach, we take all areas of your home into consideration when recommending insulating and air sealing opportunities.

This means that we spot the proper areas for ventilation, we identify areas in need of proper air sealing, and we correctly calculate R factors and energy audit analyses. From there, we can guarantee a comprehensive service that leaves your home in better shape than it was before energy and air quality wise.

Together, we can increase your energy performance, guarantee a new level of energy efficiency, and put a chunk of change back into your wallet with monthly savings. Let’s get started!

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Insulation Services

Say Goodbye To That Old Draft

Long done are the days where you’re forced to settle for expensive heating bills simply because your home is “old and drafty.” Thanks to Performance Energy, you can say goodbye to that old draft and finally give your home the insulation it needs to stay warm, dry, and more efficient than ever before.

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing Company

Air Sealing Experts

One of the biggest issues with many of today’s insulation companies is that they fail to recognize the fact that insulation is only as strong as the sealing that comes before it. This means that improperly sealing a space prior to insulating it can actually leave you with the same old problems that you’ve had in the past.

At Performance Energy, we’re air sealing experts. Before we insulate your space, we conduct a thorough air sealing process to ensure that we stop the movement of energy and the flow of air – better known as conduction and convection.

Through this two-step process, we help to eliminate those drafts and give your home the protection from the elements that you’ve always wanted.

Locating A Draft or A Leak Is Never Easy!

Don’t crawl around your attic or crawlspace to spot a draft or a leak – instead, why not give your trusted home energy auditors a call? No one deserves to suffer from high energy bills, cold rooms, or leaky ceilings. Performance Energy is here to conduct a comprehensive energy audit and help you improve your energy efficiency, eliminate those drafts, and save your hard-earned money.
Attic or Crawl Space Insulation | Performance Energy

Crawlspace Insulation & Encapsulation

Did you know that your crawlspace is responsible for a number of different home functions that
work together to form the system of your home? In fact, when you’re experiencing problems
with your crawlspace, you could be in for some serious trouble.
If you’ve noticed cracks in your drywall, uneven floors, foul odors, or even heightened symptoms
of allergies and asthma, it might be time to take a look at your crawlspace to see what the
proper solution would be.
We provide Long Term crawlspace solutions with barrier warranty of a full 25 years.

Crawlspace Insulation

Insulating your crawlspace is a critical process that most homeowners fail to take into account when conducting routine home maintenance. Here at Performance Energy, our job is to ensure that you can reap the benefits, the savings, and the experience of enhanced energy efficiency within your home. Crawlspace insulation is the very first place to start.

Our team will work with you to insulate your crawlspace against drafts and moisture, leaving you with a draft-free space for storage underneath your home.

Crawl Space Insulation & Encapsulation

Crawlspace Encapsulation

If you’ve never heard of crawlspace encapsulation before, then you can let our team walk you through the process and its world of home energy benefits. When it’s time to boost your energy efficiency and energy performance, encapsulating your crawlspace goes a step beyond insulating it. An encapsulated crawlspace actually adds value to your home too, specifically because it offers you with a number of important benefits that can include everything from increased energy performance, to reduced humidity, to improving the air quality in your home.

Encapsulation also controls the growth of mold and the flow of insects and pests. At Performance Energy, we install crawlspace vapor barriers that help to mitigate the buildup of moisture within the space, while also creating a safe, dry, and well-kept storage space for you to store your items when not in use. Vapor barriers are a minimum level of protection against humidity and gases released in the ground and are required by most local codes. Whatever you decide, consider having us inspect your crawlspace for our awesome long term solutions. Our inspections are free of charge and comprehensive.

Water proofing Insulation & Encapsulation Services

Crawlspace Water Proofing

If you’ve experienced water penetration in your home’s crawlspace, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Here at Performance Energy, we frequently work with clients to waterproof their crawlspace and ensure that every last nook and cranny is watertight.

Waterproofing your crawl space isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity. Because crawl spaces are generally uninsulated areas of your home, they could be prone to excessive moisture penetration, making them a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

At Performance Energy, we’re proud to assist you with all of your crawl space waterproofing needs. From there, we’ll also recommend crawlspace insulation or crawlspace encapsulation services depending on the severity of your moisture penetration.

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Before You Decide on Spray Foam Insulation, Read This

Insulation types all have their strengths and slight differences and lots of people these days are wondering about the safety and earth friendliness of spray foam.

Wondering about spray foam? We love it for some things, not for everything. Our “rule of thumb recommendations” to our customers is this: For outbuildings, detached garages, some barns (without animals) and man / woman caves not attached to your home – Spray foam might be a great option. But for living / sleeping spaces we recommend air sealing and insulating with fiberglass / Mineral Wool or cellulose. All three of these have specific advantages that require attention to detail with air sealing as well as blower door testing to confirm the tightness of the dwelling. Testing with the Blower Door is an additional step we take to ensure our customers the highest level of comfort, safety and efficiency for the long run.

WARNING! Big gulp of coffee to stay awake
It's a boring video. But it is also a non biased fire test that we feel is good information for our clients.

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