#1 Commercial & Multi-Family Insulation Company

It’s no secret that running commercial properties and multifamily apartment complexes face rising costs. What if we told you that insulation and encapsulation could save you significant amounts of money every year?

Performance Energy is a service dedicated to helping businesses, complexes, and apartments reap the rewards of better energy performance.

Nothing Brings in People to Your Properties like a Pleasant, Safe, and Secure Atmosphere.

Get a leg up on the competition. Performance Energy offers the opportunity to create a healthier, relaxing atmosphere in your commercial properties with an HVAC Virus and Bacteria Killing UVC Light Kit. Keep your guests and residents worry-free and happy to visit and stay on your premises. The kits come with any insulation and encapsulation services, professionally installed for an additional $299 per unit. The benefits of the appliance include:


Commercial properties shouldn’t have the burden of facing uprising energy costs. That includes multifamily complexes and apartment buildings. Performance Energy commits to transforming property owners’ profitability on their assets by making them holistically energy-efficient at affordable rates.

Meet Your Commercial Insulator.

We use our skilled attic and crawlspace insulation and encapsulation services to eliminate drafts, holes, cracks, and blemishes. Don’t drop a heavy investment into solar panels or alternative energy when your savings solution may be right under your nose.

Let our friendly team come and thoroughly audit your commercial properties and lay the groundwork for considerable savings on your utilities.

Discover a Commercial Crawlspace Company that Keeps Business Ticking.

There are plenty of obstacles in owning and running commercial properties. Worrying about energy performance shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Performance Energy uses insulation and encapsulation to create a more comfortable environment to stand the test of time. We are about keeping your business moving and helping you maximize profits through energy efficiency – no quick solutions here!

Our Certified and Accredited Professionals Understand Commercial Structures.

Performance Energy brings a hassle-free and straightforward process to making multifamily complexes more energy efficient. The scale of the task can often be overwhelming and considered quite costly. However, our adept professionals understand how to approach the job effectively.

No matter the size or style of the property, our certified building analysts will deliver a plan of what needs addressing. Our accredited engineers will then complete the insulation objectives in a convenient time frame. It’s almost like commercial energy efficiency in the snap of a finger!

Are you considering insulation for commercial buildings? Contact us and learn how your
properties can benefit from our services.

Make More Money By Insulating Your Crawlspaces And Attics.

Commercial properties such as multifamily apartment complexes may have many crawlspaces and attics that need addressing.

However, the return on investment with our services can yield jaw-dropping results. $2400 per insulation and encapsulation can trigger savings almost immediately, cutting energy bills by at least $200 every month per property. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to increase your cash flow from your buildings?


We have expertly secured multifamily complexes throughout Georgia, making them sanctuaries of comfort. Our proficiency in crawlspace insulation and encapsulation continues to find acclaim from commercial property owners. That feat makes Performance Energy a preferred choice in enhancing energy efficiency in various property types.

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Schedule a free audit today!

Commercial insulation and encapsulation can seem like a colossal task. Given the size and number of units on properties, finding every issue would seem impossible. There is no other service up to the job than Performance Energy. Contact our support team, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss making your multifamily complexes or businesses more energy efficient.

We will curate the most comforting environment for your tenants.

Have you ever had your tenants complain the air was too hot or cold? Perhaps guests remain concerned about drafts coming from multiple areas of the property?
Performance Energy is just as passionate about tenant comfort as we are about saving you money on utilities. Let us take the reins on creating an environment preferred by your guests and visitors.


Approach revolutionize energy performance in commercial buildings?

Our unique ‘whole house’ method that maximizes energy efficiency in residential properties translates seamlessly to commercial complexes.

We perform an audit of the building, identifying all energy anomalies in every room on the site.

Our team will air seal any discovered cracks,
leaks, and holes.

We will then perform our insulation and encapsulation services to bring an energy-efficient balance to every room.

An Airtight Property Can Save You Thousands of Dollars.

Performance Energy has an energy efficiency knowledge like no other. We understand how the quality of air sealing before insulation and encapsulation has a significant impact on the energy performance of commercial buildings.

Our professionals ensure a top-tier job when sealing your complexes, saving you the most amount of cash.


We continue to serve the community with our transformative energy efficiency services.

Performance Energy thrives on the mission to make a positive difference in the lives of commercial property owners.

We accomplish that goal by making their assets perform more harmoniously.

That’s what makes our team the most trusted resource to maximize the output of their commercial operations.

We are the Premier Attic Insulation Contractor for Multifamily Buildings.

Performance Energy is the most positively reviewed commercial insulation company for apartment complexes. We have achieved that acclaim through our competence and proficiency in commercial attic insulation.

Where navigating through these spaces and delivering effective results can often be a challenge – our team understands the complete scope of the task. Our attic insulation will get rid of those cold rooms and high energy bills.

Encapsulation Services will Bring a Perfect Atmosphere to your Apartment Complexes.

Nothing is more satisfying to apartment complex owners than a harmonized atmosphere of tenants.

Our encapsulation services provide a robust method of ridding crawlspaces from more than just drafts and air leaks. Your property can enjoy protection from moulds, pests, and insects – maintaining equilibrium through every unit in the complex.