Performance Energy is dedicated to helping Savannah homes reduce their energy bills through reliable insulation, encapsulation, and waterproofing services. Discover how our highly-reviewed services can transform your home into an energy-efficient sanctuary.

Who Doesn’t like to Save Money on their Energy Bills?

Would you like to save money on utilities right now? Performance Energy can give your home more savings while building a comfortable atmosphere inside your property for generations to come.

If you are looking for a trustworthy attic insulation contractor or crawlspace insulation company in Savannah, all you need to do is contact us, and we’ll show you how our insulation services can help you save more.


Performance Energy Ensures Savings and Comfort go Hand in Hand

We’re all about creating a happy, healthy, and energy-efficient home. We also offer HVAC virus and bacteria-killing kits with our standard services to enhance the air you breathe.

Make your relaxation time one that is temperate, worry-free, and inexpensive.

We’ve Saved Savannah Residents from Expensive Energy Bills

Performance Energy has served the Savannah community for years, transcending homes into energy-efficient fortresses. Our core goal is to save families from the rising energy costs with insulation, encapsulation, and air sealing. If you’re tired of your home not being at the temperature you desire or struggling with expensive bills, we’re your solution.

We’re the Preferred Choice for Energy Performance

Our passion for energy performance leads us to be Savannah’s most trusted efficiency service. We guarantee results through our profound insulating and air sealing methods, backed by a 25-year warranty. A Certified Building Analyst oversees every one of our energy performance services, which include:

We proudly serve Tybee Island, Wilmington Island, Talahi Island, Whitemarsh Island, Skidaway Island, Thunderbolt, Savannah, Garden City, Port Wentworth, Isle of hope, and George Town. If you are looking for professional insulation services in any of these areas, we would be delighted to assist.

How do We Revolutionize the Energy in Your Home?

Insulation and air sealing provides a faster return on your investment than considering solar panels or other high-tech equipment. Our services feature skilled methods that can save your household on average $200 a month on energy bills and even more as utility costs rise.

We’ll insulate and seal the crawlspaces, attics, and areas of your home causing energy inefficiency so that you can see the impact on your savings almost immediately.

Lucrative Rebates Available.

Performance Energy is a qualified Georgia Power contractor. We can help our Savannah customers using the service to process energy efficiency rebates from any services that we perform on your property. Who said that being energy efficient doesn’t pay off? Apart from the savings on bills, you can even get money back. Get in touch now to cut down on those energy costs.


No one in Savannah should get accustomed to the fact that energy bills will increase year over year. We believe that the new normal should be more savings annually, not the opposite. Our insulation, encapsulation, and air sealing services create the future of energy savings, with room left over for efficiency upgrades as time goes by.

How do We Revolutionize the Energy in Your Home?

The unseen areas of your home often have the most significant impact on its energy efficiency. The crawlspaces, attics, and walls make the difference depending on how well they are insulated.
Our professionals meticulously investigate your home to check for any vulnerable points and use our technical knowledge to seal them effectively.


Performance Energy wants your entire property to be heated or cooled to your liking. We incorporate our ‘Whole House’ approach into our services, auditing every area of the house and identifying any opportunities for energy efficiency. We won’t just work a section leaving your home unbalanced; we’ll create comfort everywhere.


Save energy through crawlspace encapsulation in Savannah, Georgia. The crawlspace arguably is the heart that makes essential functions in your home tick. Issues with the area often are related to energy inefficiencies in your property, as well as other harmful problems.
We can encapsulate your crawlspace to protect it from outside pests, save more energy, improve air quality, and curate a safer home environment. See the rewards from crawlspace insulation.
Crawlspace air sealing should be the first point of action in making your home more energy-efficient. However, most homeowners fail to address this integral part of the home. Our technicians will help get rid of drafts, moisture and increase your energy savings.
Start yielding the benefits of an energy-efficient home in an instant. Savannah’s premier insulation contractor is ready to help!
Performance Energy is here to serve the Savannah community. If you’re looking to make your property more energy-efficient, contact us for a free consultation.

We’ll show you what we can do with your home and how much you could save with our insulation, encapsulation, and sealing services.

We’re Savannah’s premier insulation contractor for a reason, and we’re here to help you!
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