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I wanted to be more than just an insulation company and contractor. I founded this company because I’m passionate about building science and helping people live a better quality life through improved comfort, improved air quality and improved energy efficiency. Not to mention- we save everyone a ton of money on their energy bills!
– Paul Hoover (founder)

We are the most advanced Energy Retrofit Company in the USA!
 Remember- Insulation and Air Sealing is AN INVESTMENT THAT NEVER STOPS PAYING YOU BACK

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Our Approach Creates More Results

This is one of the best win – win situations between us as a company and the relationship we have with our clients. Because of our specialized training and in depth understanding of the “House as a whole” concept, we can not only troubleshoot an efficiency issue, but also provide a full scope of work for an energy retrofit that is literally guaranteed to produce results.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our results are consistent and accurate. Our systems, automation love for this field sets us apart from anyone who would be our competition. We are fair, accurate and intentional but we are here to save you money quickly and over the long run PUT MONEY BACK INTO YOUR POCKET AND IMPROVE YOUR AIR QUALITY. That’s why we’re passionate about saving energy. We take the “Whole House” approach to energy savings which always included sealing before insulating.

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Masters Of The Energy Craft

Performance Energy strive to be masters of our craft. Our craft is Energy Efficiency and Improved Human Comfort and Air Quality. We offer energy sealing and retrofitting – bundled at an affordable rate so that everyone wins! With us, your guaranteed a certain standard because we are specially trained building analysts who are striving to provide the very best and most technically correct energy solution. Then, we provide complete testing and provide documentation of the results. Its good to be a building scientist! We love helping people live better.

Future Innovations

We are constantly searching out the best and most impactful products and services for our clients. Our road map includes implementing more energy related hardware installations in combination with our existing service offerings of Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Blower Door Testing. An example is possibly combining targeted energy efficiency improvement and energy creation both at 30%. 

The result would be an overall improvement of greater than 60%. Additional savings and obvious partnering opportunities with us might include home integration hardware and software. Providing the integration included an API for our developers and could regulate a combination of HVAC functions as well as automated sensors and PV / Storage devices. 

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