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Georgia homes are larger than the average US home and as a result have higher electricity consumption?

According to data collated by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Georgia homes had an average yearly energy expenditure of $2,067 in 2009. In fact, the EIA also reports that Georgia homes are one of the few in the country which apportions 30% and 10% of its energy consumption for space heating and air conditioning. We specialize in solving the heating and cooling issues in our climates zones. Keeping humidity out (especially seeping in from the attic) is 70 % of the problem.

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Your Whole House home energy performance and insulation company! insulation to customers, Performance Energy offers simplified energy efficiency solutions for numerous homes in 26 areas of Coastal Georgia that we service:

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At Performance Energy, our professional insulating and air sealing services increases your home’s energy performance; so that you no longer have to spend excess money on high energy consumption bills.

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