We’ve helped hundreds of families in Pooler. Performance Energy offers a healthier, more relaxing atmosphere in your home or commercial properties with an HVAC Virus and Bacteria Killing UVC Light Kit for only $300 with your attic retrofit project. Keep your guests and residents worry-free and happy to visit and stay on your premises. The kits come  installed for an additional $299 per unit. The benefits of the appliance include:


Our process is borne out of both a deep comprehension of the science of energy performance and a faithful understanding of our customers needs. The top three reasons our customers call us is: 

Our Services (With a Smile)

To that end, we guarantee satisfaction with our professional services, which include:
Additionally, we guarantee satisfaction with our customer service, which includes:
Open lines of courteous, professional communication to ensure that we consistently exceed your expectations and answer any and all of your questions

The Fundamentals of Saving You Money

The reviews make it clear that our customers are thrilled with the money they’re saving on their energy bills. But their role in this partnership is to relax, simply knowing that it’s done. Our role is to provide transparency into exactly how it’s done.

Utility costs are on their way up. Your best option to combat these costs is through evidence-backed, scientifically proven products and services. “Scientifically-proven” doesn’t mean buying expensive solar panels or shelling out thousands of dollars on the newest, high-tech equipment. It means using scientific evidence to provide the best return on your investment. And all the evidence points to using our proven methods of insulation and air sealing to provide a faster return on your investment.

Crawlspace Insulation and Encapsulation

Performance Energy offers the foremost crawlspace insulation services, but we take it one step further, providing the preeminent crawlspace encapsulation in Pooler Georgia.


You likely don’t regularly think about your crawlspace. After all, it’s just a (usually unfinished) space, an opening, devoid of matter. Fortunately, as the #1 Crawlspace Insulation Company & Contractor in Pooler Georgia we think about it constantly.

Insulating your crawlspace is the place to start in enhancing your home’s energy efficiency. Not only is it often responsible for cracks in your drywall, foul odors and increased allergy/asthma symptoms due to moisture build-up, it’s also a major source of drafts, which can dramatically reduce your energy efficiency.

We’ll work with you here to begin your energy performance enhancement, by expertly shoring this space up against drafts and moisture.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

At Performance Energy, we install vapor barriers to encapsulate your crawlspace, the all-important step beyond insulation. In addition to bolstering the energy-efficiency effects of insulation, it also provides the control of mold, insects and pests.

If you’re unsure about taking this next step, consider our free and comprehensive crawlspace inspection, and we can turn an abstract offering into a fact-based discussion about your specific home situation.


We believe you probably think about your attic a bit more often than you do your crawlspace. After all, up there you’re storing all those precious mementos of earlier periods of life. Do you remember what those mementos are? Of course not…but you know they’re there! The point is, you might actually consider the attic as a space that affects your energy usage. Guess what? So do we.
Performance Energy is your top choice for an Attic Insulation Company in Pooler, Georgia. Just like our approach to your crawlspace, we believe the proper way to enhance your attic’s energy efficiency is through an extra step. Before the insulation, we expertly seal the space, effectively stopping all air flow and energy loss.

Whole House Approach

These steps are a great start, but every house is different, and they’re all affected by far more than just their tops and bottoms. You might well be leaking air through:

That’s why we do a full-scale inspection of every area in your house to diagnose the problem areas and prescribe the specific insulating and air sealing solutions for your specific situation. From here, we will guarantee a comprehensive service that will greatly enhance your level of energy efficiency and put your hard-earned cash back where it belongs…in your wallet.

Customers in the Richmond Hill area that are Georgia Power customers may qualify for rebates from Georgia Power for the work we perform. Performance Energy is a Georgia Power qualified contractor and can process Georgia Power rebates!

The Cherry on Top

You now know what we do. You know that we do it better than anyone. But you’re still considering…
So, consider why we do it. Understanding who we are is crucial to turning a provider-customer relationship into a true partnership. And that’s our goal.

Paul Hoover founded the company in 2010 with the goal of carving out a unique position in an already saturated insulation space. Where the mission of the other guys is some version of “to provide quality insulation and air sealing services”, ours is, instead, focused on the endgame of these services.

We exist to provide our customers with a better quality of life through improved comfort, air quality and energy efficiency.

Every single employee of Performance Energy approaches his and her work with this goal in mind – and that informs every step we take…from our comprehensive inspection and consultation services to our Whole House process, to the open communication lines and in-depth discussions we have with each and every Performance Energy customer.

Guaranteed Results

With our mission as our inspiration, we consistently exceed our targets and provide our customers with results far above and beyond their expectations over and over again. And remember, this isn’t just us saying this…it’s them.

Your initial investment in your future in-home comfort will provide returns farther than the eye can see.

There Is No Ceiling.

Perhaps we could have found a different metaphor, given our line of work. But it is important to leave you with the knowledge that, as good as we are now, we are relentlessly devoted to improvement. Every single day provides an opportunity to innovate, to discover new scientific approaches, and to find state-of-the-art products. Each innovation that we implement will make us even better at what we do, which will, of course, benefit you in the process. So, in the end, there really is no ceiling to impede our progress…but, if there were one, you can be sure it would be flawlessly insulated.


Let us turn your home into the sanctuary you always dreamed it could be. That means feeling perpetually comfortable in your home and maintaining a consistent peace of mind about what you’re spending for that comfort. Fill out your information below for a Free Consultation by our expert technicians.