Who Needs Ventilationt and Why?

Every home or office building requires ventilation and air cleaning. The amount of ventilation is a scientific calculation that is required by law for the safety and comfort of humans (and pets). Without replacing that stale air with fresh oxygenated air, it becomes unhealthy very quickly and wi’ll make the inhabitant sick or worse.Many people are unaware of the need for proper ventilation as part of a whole house approach to human comfort, indoor air quality and efficiency. These days, (with the Advent of Covid 19), people are more aware of the need for fresh air being blended into their ventilation systems to combat airborne viruses and bacteria. in fact there’s a sudden surge in demand as people are becoming educated on how to better take care of their health both in their homes and in the office place. Our ventilation and air cleaning solutions help impact the viral load (how much viruses) are in the air you breath.
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What Type of Systems are Best

(most impactful) for Covad 19 and or other viruses and bacteria?

Fortunately, combining existing technologies and creating a whole house solution is very straight forward. Because of our experience in building science, we can piece a solution together using proven high quality products for our clients.

Ventilation means bring fresh outside air into your home. This will mean either a ERV (energy recovery ventilator) or HRV (heat recovery ventilator). The difference between the heat recovery ventilator is more energy efficient anticipates the humidity while the air is passing through a heat exchanger built into it. This is the most common system in our areas. in addition to providing fresh air into your home and reducing the amount of viral load in the air, these systems place a positive pressure on the home, further protecting it from uncontrolled infiltration from walls, building pads, and attic spaces.
Ventilation is a necessary part of a complete whole house Energy solution that provides its occupants with fresh healthy air to breathe as well as improved human comfort and Energy efficiency.

Typical Installation Scenarios and Costs

A typical 2400 square foot house will require a heat exchanging ventilation system that cost between 500 and $800 plus installation cost making it between $800 and $1,200. The ROI on these units are typically lower than 36 months and sometimes lower than 24 months.

Although the benefit of better air quality and the effect of more healthy air is impossible to quantify since there is no direct cost associated with getting the flu or a cold. If it could be measured, I’m sure the return-on-investment might be the first time you got sick or didn’t.

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They came to start the project when scheduled, which is unusual today. They finished the project the second day as promised. The quality of the work was excellent.
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Thy did an excellent job adding insulation in my bedroom an area of 6 by 16 had no insulation he added r-30 insulation added roof ventilation I highly recommend performance energy.
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Mr Hoover is a honest man and will tell you the truth about how the job works goes. He is a professional at what he do an will not take any short cuts at anything. And i will hire him an his crew again, for the great work Thanks