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No matter the season or structure of your home, Performance Energy can help you reduce your energy costs and create the comfortable  home environment you deserve in Brunswick, Georgia. With expert insulation, encapsulation, and waterproofing services, your home will stay cool through Georgia’s relentless summer heat, and warm during the coldest months of the year. All while saving you hundreds of dollars (results vary) each month on energy costs. We will also research and inform you of any utility rebates that are available to you. For most utility companies, we process the rebate for you.

Invest Your Energy Costs Back Into Your Home.

Energy bills are often the most expensive utility cost to homeowners. And because the weather outside is constantly changing, our home thermostats have to battle Mother Nature herself to keep our interior climate a relaxing place to live.

But if your crawlspaces or attics are without insulation, or even worse, have air leaks, your home temperature will be unstable and your energy costs will soar. By insulating vulnerable crawlspaces and attics where air leaks out or gets inside, you can experience immediate and long-term returns on your investment for a lifetime.

That’s where we come in.


Performance Energy experts commit themselves to helping Brunswick homeowners see instant energy savings by providing professional insulation contractor services right here in Georgia.

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If you’ve been around the Brunswick area for a while, you’re well-acquainted with the long Georgia summers. This means you also know how costly it is to keep your home cool during these hot and humid months. At Performance Energy, we pride ourselves on being the premier Insulation Company in Brunswick, Georgia community.

Performance Energy is the Leading Air Sealing and Insulation Company.

It’s not just our dedication to optimizing your energy performance that places us above every other insulation company. It’s our extensive experience working with a wide variety of homes throughout the Brunswick, Georgia area that created our insulation methods and guarantees reliable, long-lasting results.
Our insulation and air sealing services are reinforced with a 25-year warranty and include:

Generous utility Rebates Available for Our Customers in Brunswick

Our customers in the Brunswick area that are also serviced by Georgia Power may qualify for rebates for the services we provide. We are a Georgia Power qualified contractor, which means we can process Georgia Power rebates!

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Heating and air are essential utilities that directly affect the comfort of our homes. But each summer, most of us see our energy bills soaring through the roof. While the winter months have us struggling to stay warm inside the spaces we’re supposed to be able to relax the most. However, what you might not know is that the quality and R Value of your insulation is likely the culprit behind your energy bills and the reason you find yourself constantly turning the air down or up.

Performance Energy: Your Partners in Energy

From crawlspace encapsulation to attic insulation, we’re turning the home energy game on its head — right here in Brunswick, GA.

When you partner with Performance Energy, you’re enlisting the experts in all things insulation.
Our “Whole House Approach” is a comprehensive process that locates all potential problem spots throughout your home, considers the best options for your specific needs, and then implements cost-effective, long-lasting solutions that immediately begin saving you money on energy costs.

Regardless of your home’s age, structure, or style, Performance Energy can transform your home into an energy-efficient haven.
Many insulation companies in Brunswick choose to focus on a “quick-fix” system that only tries, (and often fails) to resolve certain sections of your home…

Performance Energy
Looks At the Big Picture.

Here’s the Performance Energy Air Sealing and Insulating Process in action:

Our insulation services can save you an average of $200 on your energy bills EVERY MONTH. And, our insulating services are guaranteed by a 25-year warranty Connect With Us Today!


Seal it right the first time.

Attics And Air Sealing

When insulation is put in an attic that has not been properly air sealed, the new insulation won’t live up to its full energy-saving potential. In fact, more energy is lost through the attic than in any other part of your home.

So if your home is especially hard to keep warm during the winter, or if you’re seeing more dust in the air around your home than usual, you may have  air leaks in your attic.

However, most attic insulation companies in Brunswick fail to perform this necessary step of air sealing, considering it an extra service or a waste of time.
Performance Energy offers quality air sealing before every insulation service we perform.

Crawlspace Insulation & Encapsulation

Crawlspaces are critical, behind-the-scenes players in the health and comfort of your home. Often used for piping, wiring, and duct work, crawlspaces keep your home running more than you might realize. So, when crawlspaces are vulnerable to outside elements, the air temperature inside may actually be the least of your concerns.

Destructive rodents like mice can easily infiltrate a crawlspace that isn’t encapsulated. These little guys like to chew through wires to sharpen their teeth, cutting power to your home, or even worse, leaving you in danger of electrical fires.
What’s more, mold spores thrive in a crawlspace that’s exposed, causing your allergies to act up inside your home or potentially making you feel ill.
Crawlspace Encapsulation is an investment in the health of your home, and your family.

Our crawlspace insulation company in Brunswick installs crawlspace vapor barriers that eliminate excess moisture buildup and ensure the space is dry and safe for storage purposes. Not only will you see a boost to your home’s energy efficiencies, but encapsulating your crawlspace will improve the air quality of your home, and even add value to your home


Performance Energy is eager and ready to work for the people (and homes) of Brunswick, Georgia. We strive to serve our Georgia community with the utmost dedication so we know exactly how to insulate your home and save energy with our services.

We are just one call away from making your home comfortable and efficient.