South Carolina

Did you know that ?

The average electricity bill in South Carolina, about $180/month, is the 3rd highest in the US and is over 23% greater than the national average?

You may not know it yet but your SC low country home is using more energy than it really
should. It’s not your fault really; it’s just: you need more home insulation and air sealing in your attic and crawlspace. Your search for ‘insulation companies near me’ends today;

Performance Energy has the right insulating and air sealing techniques that will help your
home save energy; and of course, money. In addition, when your home is properly air sealed and insulated, you will enjoy better air quality, comfort and efficiency!

An Attic Insulation Company

Performance Energy offers simplified energy efficiency solutions which include a comprehensive inspection, detailed scope of work, and a scientific approach that generates great results every time!

At Performance Energy, we are an attic insulation company that enables homes in South Carolina, like your low country home to benefit from unique energy efficiency methods. With a service range covering 10 areas in South Carolina:

We are not your ordinary home insulation company/contractor in South Carolina.
At Performance Energy, our professional insulating and air sealing services increase your home’s energy performance; so that you no longer have to spend excess money on high energy consumption bills.

Look no further than Performance Energy; we are the insulation company near you. Our experts are ready to help you. Fill out our contact form, and let us help you make extra savings through energy efficiency for life!

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