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Spark that dream of the most comforting, practical, and energy-efficient home. We are revolutionizing homes in Richmond Hill, GA making them perform better and saving you money. Our insulation and encapsulation services build safety, security, and savings for families all over the community. Explore why we can help give your property a new lease on life.

Give Your Home The Gift Of Complete Protection.

Not only do we provide insulation and encapsulation services to secure your home. But we also offer whole-house HVAC Virus and Bacterial Killing UVC light kits. For an additional $299, we can install these units to minimize the risk of bacteria and viruses spreading around your home. Here’s why the light kit will benefit your property:


Safety and security are at the forefront of our thoughts at home. We want to live without any obstacles to our comfort and thrive in an environment of health and happiness. It’s remarkable how such a simple concept of energy efficiency can help achieve those values for your home. Not only that, but it can help save you bundles on utility bills. There are a few reasons why the Richmond Hill community flocks to Performance Energy services:

We Always Bring the Desired Savings to Our Customers.

We know home ownership can be an ever-mounting list of costs. That’s why we are so passionate about bringing savings to Richmond Hill, GA residents. The hundreds of dollars a month saved with an energy-efficient home can be used for higher purposes. A rainy day fund, home improvements, or a vacation – you name it!
Discover the most professional insulation company in Richmond Hill, GA!

If you are a Georgia Power customer, there are other ways we can help you save.

If you are thinking of making your home more energy-efficient, and you are a Georgia Power customer – stop the presses! Richmond Hill, GA, residents may qualify for a rebate from our work. We are licensed and qualified Georgia Power contractors, so we can process those rebates for you, saving you even more with our services!

We are a trusted insulation contractor in Richmond Hill GA. Contact us to transform your energy efficiency today!

Make The Summers Cool And Winters Warm.

Richmond Hill, GA, is a seasonal community that can have some hot summers and cooler winters. We want to make sure your home is prepared for any temperature change, no matter how extreme. Our insulation and encapsulation services are sure to keep your home perfectly cool during summer and cozy and warm during winter. Why does the correct insulation matter for homes in Richmond Hill?

Are You Ready to Start Saving Money on Energy?

Who knew that you could save money with a click of your fingers? Contact our friendly support team, and we will schedule an audit of your home to discuss how we can maximize energy efficiency.

We’ll send a highly-qualified and knowledgeable professional to walk you through every step of our insulation and encapsulation services.


How Does Richmond Hill Benefit From Our 'Whole House' Approach?

ichmond Hill, GA, is a community full of beautiful homes – but they are still vulnerable to drafts and poor energy performance. We developed our ‘Whole House’ method to ensure that every area of your house sees a rise in energy efficiency.

That entails identifying areas needing air sealing, increasing performance even before we render our insulation services. The unique ‘Whole House’ method doubles up on energy efficiency efforts, making our services one of the most rewarding in the Richmond Hill, GA, area.


Every story has a beginning, even Performance Energy! We started our business by seeing how many families in communities across Georgia were spending on their utilities. Seeing homeowners struggling to keep up with their bills, we thought that there must be a way to save without compromising the comfort of their homes. We investigated to find that most homes in Georgia were not energy efficient – the primary cause of those excess bills. So we set out to provide our expert insulation encapsulation services to help families save more money – and the rest is history!
We’re an attic insulation company in Richmond Hill, GA, driven by the community.
Finding leaks or drafts in your attic is never easy. We’re Richmond Hill’s community professionals spearheading energy efficiency throughout the town! Never fear about our expertise in attic insulation in your home. We know exactly where to look, every pain point, and how to remedy the problem at affordable rates.

How does our crawlspace insulation work?

Crawlspace insulation is one of those things that many residents of Richmond Hill, GA, wouldn’t consider. It begs the question, how does it work, and how does it make my home more energy efficient? We search for cracks, holes, anomalies, and issues with the crawlspace, providing top-quality insulation to eliminate drafts and moisture buildup. Crawlspace insulation is essential to the ultimate comfort of your home.
You won’t find better crawlspace encapsulation in Richmond Hill, GA.
We go above and beyond for households in Richmond Hill, GA, by offering crawlspace encapsulation services to pair with insulation. The process involves installing a protective vapor barrier that helps minimize moisture and humidity in your home, ensuring drier, more temperate spaces to enjoy within your home. Never forget that an encapsulated crawlspace significantly adds to your home’s value!
We offer crawlspace waterproofing, too!
Are you being bothered by water consistently seeping down into your home? Crawlspaces are often the culprit of moisture buildups and leakages that trickle down into other areas of your property. Let us revamp your crawlspace by waterproofing, eliminating any potential for water to build up down where it’s not wanted.
Let us show you how you can save money and secure your home for generations.


There’s nothing quite like having peace of mind that your home is safe, secure, happy, and healthy for  generations to come. Let us bring that bliss to your property.
Contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll guide you through how we’ll save you money and improve the comfort of your house.