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Have you ever watched new parents obsess over keeping a hat on their newborn’s head? Heat escapes the fastest through the baby’s head, so even in moderate temperatures, an uncovered head could lead to a chilly baby. Think of the home’s attic insulation as the baby’s hat. If the attic has poor insulation, the rest of the home may as well not have any. Here at Performance Energy, we believe there’s more to it than just keeping you and your family toasty during the winter; we can increase energy efficiency and decrease that pesky electric bill.

Attic Insulation – Do you really need it?

A solid job will increase property value and air quality, securing both comfortable living conditions and a comfortable future for you and your family. Depending on where you live and what your home is like, there are a host of benefits to getting this done. In an attic insulation job, you’re looking to cover two main areas: the floor and the roof.


The traditional insulation method for an attic floor is batt and roll. These are sheets or rolls of pre-cut fiberglass insulation that can simply be measured and laid where they need to go. This option works really well for wide-open spaces and crawl spaces, and is the most commonly used insulation between joist and stud spaces. Insulating the floor is what keeps both heating and cooling right where you want it, in the spaces you and your family occupy during the day.

Without it, your hot air and cold air from your A/C unit will just push upward. This is especially true of warm air and will spike both your electric bill and everyone’s irritation in the winter months.

Attic Insulation Company in South Carolina
Attic Insulation Company in South Carolina


When temperatures spike, the roof draws in heat and absorbs it into the attic. When that heat is held in a stuffy, humid attic, it has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is the rest of your home. Likewise, the underside of your roof will draw heat out and cold in once the weather begins to get a bit chillier. This is why the recommended insulation method is a multi-
layer reflective insulation.

This is similar to batt and roll in terms of installation but includes a layer of reflective material that will reflect the heat back up, onto the roof, and back down into your house where you want it depending on the weather. It eliminates the roof’s ability to draw heat in one way or the other and instead sends it back where it came from. We purchase and use only the highest quality materials to ensure best performance and longevity.


The best course of action when planning to add insulation to your attic is to get assistance from a professional. A professional can determine if you’re in need of any other services, such as an electrician, during installation to avoid the disruption of electric materials like cables. We do this during consultation, but we’re more than happy to partner with someone of your choosing so you can rest easy that we know what we’re talking about.

They’ll be able to help you determine without the bias of wanting to make a material or installation sale where and what kind of insulation you need to install. We work with you based on what you want and what you’re willing to spend. Your next step is simply to research. Don’t take our word that we have the best prices and the best service! Double check us and you’ll see why we come highly recommended.

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You should check for average pricing in your area before you commit to anything so you have a general idea of what you pay. Different cities can fluctuate in average pricing by hundreds, so there isn’t an overarching price estimate when it comes to attic insulation. Avoid contractors whose bids seem way too low. They’re either looking to price gouge or aren’t sure of what they’re doing, and either will leave you with a disaster. You may scoff at the encouragement to spend more money, but attic insulation is an investment that will last you a lifetime. Picking the wrong company can force you to pay for removal, correction, and installation, so it’s important to think twice.

Keep an Eye!

When your method of installation, your material, and your service provider has been selected, plan to be around to keep an eye on the project. We encourage you to get involved, but if you’re more hands-off we provide stellar communication, records, and updates. Many people feel that insulation is a quick and easy DIY project, but there’s a reason so many companies specialize in it. If you are thinking about doing it yourself, consider that you’ll need to buy or rent specialized equipment, do extensive research on
proper application, and do even more research on where and what to install. Insulation may seem fool-proof at first glance, but it can get messy fast if you aren’t sure what you’re doing.

Our team has years of experience and is always learning to keep up with innovations in the industry.If you’re not sure if your attic has good insulation–either you just moved into your home or you never thought to check–climb upstairs and check to see if your insulation is covering your floor joists. If you can’t see them or it rises well above, you likely don’t need additional insulation yet.

If the insulation is level with or below the floor joists, you should start looking into materials and installers. If this quick check doesn’t provide you any clarity, we’re always happy to take a look.