A Cold War: You vs. The Winter

As your home begins to cool, you will be faced with that same, age-old battle to keep the heat in and the cold out. Initially, this may feel overwhelming with all the square footage you’ll need to fill in order to seal the fluid heat from escaping the slightest kink in your home’s defense, but Cellulose Insulation is a powerful layer you’re going to want to add to your corner in this fight.

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You will love our cellulose insulation, because not only does it keep in heat, its hygroscopic nature allows it to manage moisture throughout the seasons. Plus, it’s made of non-toxic and fire retardant material (which also serves as a pest resistant), and – unlike other spray-foam insulations – homeowners can live in their house while we install the cellulose.

Cellulose Insulation Residential - Protect your Home

Let Cellulose Throw its Weight Around for You!

Cellulose Insulation, per its name, is made up of the cellular material of plant products. The most common form of residential cellulose insulation is from wood, and like the mighty tree from which it gets its strength, cellulose is a dense, durable product that is very good at managing heat. It does this by literally filling the space through which heat will escape with so much stuff and pockets of air that the heat has no option but to bounce back into your home – keeping you and your family more comfortable!

Furthermore, the characteristic mass of cellulose insulation helps regulate temperature over longer periods of time than older forms of insulation.

Have you ever experienced uncomfortable overheating in one room during the day but at night the same room becomes colder than one can comfortably sleep wake up in? If so, your home needs cellulose insulation so its mass can balance the high and low temperatures. It does this by absorbing the heat it seals in all day, and shedding it back to you while you sleep. Think of it like stone at the lake in summer, it absorbs heat all day, then stays warm into the evening after the sun has gone by shedding the aforementioned absorbed heat.

Cellulose: Strong and Flexible - Best of Both Worlds!

If you’ve ever seen cellulose, you will know it by its characteristic clumpy, dense texture – more like feather down than anything

The primary value of this thick, malleable consistency is that our insulation can fit into tight, narrow sections (for instance, the very walls you’re trying to keep warm) and may conform around some obstructions, including wires and ducts (something that – if left open aired – can allow heat to escape)


Let our Cellulose Insulation do more than keep you warm.

  • While cellulose is a powerful insulator, it comes with added features that increase the value of your home in ways comparable to the improved heat retention.
  • Because it is so dense and heavy, cellulose insulation also serves to manage sound as much as temperature.
If you are a homeowner with close neighbors or busy local traffic, and a need for privacy, cellulose will prove to be a win-win, as it protects you from the sharp cold outside, and the barrage of intruding noise when you would rather enjoy a calm, warm evening at home – all while saving the money you might otherwise spend on decoupling (building a secondary wall against an existing one just to have a quieter living room).

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These days, you have to protect your home and family from all types of dangers towards your health and well-being. If you’re interested in doing so in a way that both saves you money and improves your comfort, please contact us so we may help you in the never-ending battle for comfort and protection!