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Foam Insulation Boards

Foam board installation is exactly what it sounds like: boards of foam. Available in three main types, Performance Energy experts can help you choose the right one – the one that meets all your needs.

one that meets all your needs.

  • The most affordable option is Expanded Polystyrene, which is essentially made of the same super-condensed styrofoam-like substance as disposable coffee cups.
  • The kind most commonly found in basements, or the rigid foam board, is Extruded Polystyrene and is a better insulator than the expanded stuff. It comes with the added benefit of design that helps to limit air movement, which is what makes it so great for moisture control.
  • Polyiso is the densest of the foam insulation boards and can come with reflective foil facing.

While Expanded Polystyrene and Polyiso both have their places in a home insulation plan, Rigid Foam Board is used most frequently and is ideal for a basement build or renovation.

While there may still be some basements that have fiberglass batt or roll insulation installed, it presents the problem of attracting moisture and pests when installed in a basement. It also usually has a much shorter life than rigid foam board. For that reason, the industry standard for basement installation is foam insulation boards. They can also be used for radiant heat floors, exterior installation to add an extra layer of protection on the rest of the home, and rim joists around the edge of a foundation.


We are always ready to assist for quick and reliable installation.

Our team has the expertise and skills to install the foam boards. It comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to make projects easier; this also gives us the ability to be super selective with what you’d like to install and how you want it installed. Rigid foam board can even be worked and cut similar to the way drywall is, so it’s easy to customize and work with.

It can also be installed with a few different methods. No matter what, it needs to be right up against the basement wall. The use of a heavy-duty impact drill to screw the material into the wall with washers is a fast, secure way to get it up. This method is typically better left to the professionals because it can be easy to make a mistake that allows moisture or pests to travel inside of gaps. It may be best suited to installing exterior insulation.

The other popular way to install is with an adhesive by sticking it directly to the wall. As long as you select a high-grade, moisture-resistant adhesive, this is a great option for interior basement insulation application because it’s simple and leaves little room for mistakes.

Other Uses

While you probably shouldn’t use other foam board insulation in your basement, they can come in handy for supplemental insulation elsewhere.
The reflective foam board insulation is the kind that can be installed in the roof of the attic to keep heat out in the summer and inside in the winter. It’s a relatively cost-effective material but can incur high labor fees because it’s a bit more difficult to install. In addition to the high thermal reflection, the foam board is an effective insulator because it has low emittance. This means the transfer of heat is unlikely in both directions. The reflective surface is typically achieved through foil-facing, which is made of aluminum foil on any number of backings like plastic or paper.

Coffee cup insulation, or expanded polystyrene, is the same thing that comes in packaging to keep items safe. It’s simple and accessible to create, so it’s affordable to purchase. It’s also easy to cut and comes in a variety of thicknesses for any job. It’s the most versatile of the foam boards and can be used for foundation, wall, and roof insulation. One of the added benefits is that it’s also the most environmentally friendly of the group, and lacks some of the heavy chemicals that might be found in others. Production of the substance is as simple as adding water to dehydrated beads, so it’s more energy-efficient to manufacture as well.

All of these methods of insulation and application are vital to keeping your home warm when you want it, cool when you need it, and far away from a high electric bill.

If you’re thinking that you’re ready to make a significant improvement to your home, or if you’re looking to buy or build, consider how upgrading or installing the correct insulation can benefit you; good insulation breeds comfort, property value, and peace of mind. If you are looking for a premium service, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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