How Much Does it Cost to Insulate a 1500 sq ft Attic


When choosing a company who can insulate your attic properly, you should always search for one that won’t cut corners in places they think you won’t easily notice. Up to 30% of the energy in your home can be lost through improper sealing. At Performance Energy, we are well trained on the ways to air seal and insulate your attic correctly. We adhere closely to the guidelines set by the department of energy to ensure we always calculate the amount of insulation your attic needs properly, and we always deliver top quality work. We are located in the southeast United States and cover 26 areas in Coastal Georgia, 10 areas in South Carolina Low Country and 19 areas in North Florida.


In Georgia, many homes are larger than average when compared to the rest of the United States due to higher availability of affordable land. Larger than average US homes also result in higher energy usage, and some of that energy usage is wasteful overcompensation for improper attic sealing. Georgia is known for its humidity, and when people talk of air sealing and insulating their attic space, sometimes the fact that insulation can help to keep your house cool in hot, humid weather is overlooked. When your attic is properly sealed and insulated, it will contain the air conditioning blown around to cool your home. You won’t lose any cool air that escapes outside your home, meaning you shouldn’t need to use as much energy to cool your home, and a well insulated home can quickly save you money in the long run.


Every home is a little different, which is why we recommend you choose us for a free consultation of your home. On average, most homeowners pay $1,500 to $2600 for insulation in a 1,500 sq ft attic, and this number does include the price of proper air sealing.

With us, the job of insulating a 1500 sq ft attic in Savannah, Georgia will end up costing homeowners about $2600 for both air sealing and insulation in a 1,500 sq ft attic. However, if your home is especially drafty, it may cost a little more in order to effectively seal the leaking places in your home. At Performance Energy, we always work hard to complete the job efficiently without taking too much time out of your life. You can count on us to show up when we promise to and complete the job in a timely manner. We pledge to treat your home like it was ours when making recommendations.


Contact us today for a free energy consultation today, whether it’s for Savanna attic insulation or for something else related to the energy in your home. If you are a Georgia Power residential customer who earns significantly less than the 2021 US Federal Poverty Guidelines, you may even qualify for our free energy upgrades program. Review our program eligibility chart and submit your application today. At Performance Energy, we believe everyone should have access to affordable air sealing and insulation in order to live safely, and we’re happy to help you cover the costs!