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Insulation Retrofit

If your house is already insulated, the best way to cut heating and cooling costs might be to add some additional insulation to your walls. Here at Performance Energy, we believe Insulation retrofit is an incredible way to do so, as it is essentially an upgrade
to your current insulation by adding more layers to it. Let us help you increase the insulation efficiency of your home while keeping it intact, which makes it a rather cost-effective and energy-efficient option for insulation.

Benefits of Insulation Retrofit:

  • Keeps your walls intact
  • Saves high renovation costs
  • Keeps your utility bills low
  • Makes your home more energy efficient
  • Increase the comfort of your home

Preserving your walls and reducing renovation costs.

If you know your house’s insulation is inadequate but would like to keep the lovely exterior design, or simply do not want to deconstruct the house in an effort to add insulation to it, insulation retrofit would make a fantastic choice for you. In insulation
retrofit, we are simply adding extra layers of insulation to your wall, which means there is no need to uproot and rebuild the house in the process of increasing the comfort level of your own home.

It is helpful to keep in mind that the average cost to completely renovate a house is around $20,000 to $75,000, which is a significant amount that should be carefully thought through before spending. In contrast, insulation retrofit is a much more cost-
effective way to insulate your home with the additional benefits that you get to keep you home the way it is.


Is your home too cold for comfort?

If you are constantly finding yourself getting chills in your home even though your furnace has been operating non-stop during the winter times, or that your heating costs are always unreasonably high, these might be some signs that your house needs more insulation than what it currently has. One good way to tell if your insulation needs upgrading is to touch your walls: if they are noticeably cold, this means your insulation is inadequate.

Another telltale sign for insufficient insulation is that if your house was built from 1920 to 1960. During those 4 decades, there were no requirements in the building code for wall
insulations. As a result, most of the houses built during that time have zero insulation in their walls. If any of these descriptions match your house, worry not, we have some
great insulation options for you.

Saving you from high utility bills and helping you become more energy efficient.

One reason that your heating and cooling bills might be insurmountably high is that the conditioned air keeps escaping through the insufficiently insulated walls. This means your furnace (or air-conditioner) has to keep operating at a high level to keep the room temperature at the desired level. This process would in turn cause your utility bills to rise as well as your energy consumption.

With insulation retrofit, the additional layers of quality insulation are guaranteed to keep the warm air in during cold weather, and the cool air in during warmer times. In this way, the engines do not need as much power to maintain the desired indoor temperature, which means that not only will you save plenty on utility bills, but your house will also become much more environmentally friendly. By installing an insulation retrofit to your home, you would be doing both yourself and the environment a favor.

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If you are planning to remodel your home, increase its energy efficiency, and would like
to install insulation retrofit in your house, we here provide quality insulation retrofit

installation for an affordable price.