Purpose Of Energy Audit


If you’ve never had an energy audit before, you may be wondering what the purpose of an energy audit is, how to get one, and how it helps you save money, provides you with better air, and protects your home (or if not your home, a business you own).

At its core, an energy audit is a quick way to learn where the energy in your home is coming from, what it’s being used for, where it’s going, and if all this energy usage is as efficient as it can be. A careful, thorough, properly performed audit will examine your home personally rather than slapping a supposed “catch all” solution over you and your family. An audit prevents rushing and mistakes, ensuring that an insulation job is performed correctly the first time you pay for it.


At Performance Energy, you can contact us and request an energy audit for free. We will look over your whole house in the process, not just your crawl spaces or your attic. When your energy audit is complete, you will know about any drafts or cracks we found in your home and our suggestions on how to correct them. When we provide a free energy audit, there is no obligation to use our services further, although we do offer services to repair any problems we find with the energy usage in your home.

When your house is properly insulated, it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer while saving you money all throughout the year. You will save money by ensuring air is circulating properly in your home and warmth or air conditioning is not escaping outdoors. When your home has proper ventilation, you can rest assured that the air will be safe to breathe and you are not, for example, breathing in any air from your crawlspace or attic.


We believe in full home energy audits because they can help you see the full picture of your home, from top to bottom.

A look at your full house allows us to examine all the systems found in your home (such as drafts entering the home through electrical outlets, dryer vents, outdoor faucets) and how all the energy systems in your home interact with each other.

This allows us to determine which appliances in your home consume the most energy and we can easily discover any possible problems in your home set-up, such as heat escaping through your attic or a problem caused by insufficient ventilation.

We always follow the instructions set forth by the DOE Air Sealing guidelines when we work, meaning that we believe in always air sealing a home before insulating it.


The ideal time to get an energy audit is when you are first inspecting a new home you hope to move into. Getting an energy audit in advance will help you know of any drafts or signs of leakage to expect upon moving into a new home, ensuring you are not caught off guard by any large energy bills. When you invest in a home, you hope it will be one that will keep you and your family at a healthy indoor temperature all throughout the year. Knowing that a home you are looking at has unresolved heating or ventilation issues may allow you to negotiate a better price on the home with the seller, which can easily save you money (especially if you choose a company that offers free energy audits like Performance Energy). It’s especially a good time to get an energy audit if you have just moved to a new home in a new climate where you may be unfamiliar with the region’s average temperatures and how your home will perform there. For example, your new Georgia home may be insulated so well that you can give away any old winter coats you brought from a colder region, but there is always a chance that a new home you purchased may not have been insulated properly, leaving you and your family shivering even when the heat is cranked up indoors. An energy audit can help you determine if your experiences are usual or out of place for the region, and these audits can help you determine the best place to invest your money in your home. On the other side, another great time to get an energy audit is before you put your house on the market. Knowing where the weak areas are in your house can help you properly seal and insulate them to ensure your house remains comfortable while you are still in it, and a properly sealed home can hold more value to a prospective buyer. Investing in your home gives it the best chance to sell high on the market and shows potential clients that you won’t cut corners when it comes to offering a great home. Even if none of these situations apply to you, an energy audit can still be a useful investment to save you money in the future. It’s never too late to have an energy audit performed, whether you’ve lived in your home for ten months or ten years.


Every company will be a little different, but when you choose Performance Energy, you know you are choosing efficiency and high quality. After you contact us to request your free audit, a team of our technicians will arrive at your home to inspect it thoroughly. Our testing may include:

  • Blower Door Testing
  • Infiltration Leak Detection – IDL (HVAC testing)
  • Infrared leak detection
  • Thermal Imaging (FLIR)
  • Whole house energy audit
  • Documentation / Reporting (VIA email, hard copy & or Video links)
  • Recommendations and costs

One notable factor of Performance Energy that makes us stand out from our competition is that we know the importance of air sealing, and will always air seal targeted areas before we insulate them. We don’t cut corners and we always deliver the insulation you and your family need. Contact us today for a free energy audit and consider Performance Energy when it comes to insulating your home and business in the future.


Are you ready to start your energy efficiency journey?

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