Looking for great Energy retrofit services performed at a great price by professionals who are certified? At Performance Energy, we are focused on the top Energy Savings areas of most homes and business

Our Services

Insulation And
Air Sealing

We offer a very refreshing approach to insulating your home or small business. That’s because we focus on sealing it tight before insulating it right!

We are trained and certified in the areas of testing of a building’s air tightness (using the blower door test) and determining all the best places to seal up before insulating. Read more about this service on our insulation and air sealing page.

Siding Replacement

When it comes to siding replacement, we’ve got you covered. We offer the best value for the money in insulated replacement siding. Don’t just throw any old siding up on your home or business. Let us show you how we install it correctly, air tight with the correct moisture and air barrier.

We have great prices and experience on insulated siding. Should you install insulated siding? Yes! On average, insulated siding costs only 15%- 20% more than non insulated siding. Given the fact that the insulated siding will save energy costs and make your home more comfortable for life, it’s an easy decision to go with insulated siding. And because we are trained and certified installers, you’ll get the best siding installation when it comes time for replacement. Read more about our Insulated Siding here.

Our Services
Our Services

Window And
Door Replacement

Our customers love the quality and price combination of our replacement windows. Our entry level replacement window is better AND less expensive on average than our competition (sorry window world).

Make sure your actually comparing apples to apples with your replacement window quotes. We offer THE VERY BEST entry level and mid level replacement windows on the market. Foam filled sashes, stainless steel internal hardware and the best U and R values in the industry. Again, we know energy and we know replacement windows. Call us for a free quote before you make any decisions. You’ll be glad you did! Learn more about window and door replacement here.

Energy Audits /
Blower Door Testing

Energy audits all include blower door testing and a full scope of work. We will perform a up to date energy audit based on the BPI guidlines and recommendations from the Department Of Energy. Older homes are commonly in need of energy retrofitting. They are frequently “leaky” and NOT energy efficient.

An energy audit performed by Performance Energy is your first step in retrofitting your older home. Our clients gain more comfort, better indoor air quality and energy savings. Want to know more about the energy audit? Click here to read about our energy auditing and blower door testing.

Our Services
Our Services

Full Energy

We are capable of performing a complete energy retrofit of your home or business. From wall insulation, ventilation calculations, HVAC testing and more. We are are go to – single source for a full Energy Retrofit.

And for a limited time, we are offering free Energy Audits to get started. This no obligation test will determine the best course of action to upgrade your home’s comfort and energy efficiency! Get started on your energy retrofit today.

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