Sound Insulation for Homes


It can be an annoying experience when our homes are full of the constant thrum of noise rattling the walls. A busy house is often full of all different music, conversations, and activities. Read on, and discover the next steps to a more restful and peaceful home!
Reasons to Soundproof Your Home

Peace and Quiet: Sound proofing your home is a valuable tool for fostering peace in your home and allowing you to relax in your own house without the bother of whatever is happening outside.

Sleep Quality: One’s quality of sleep is paramount to their health, and being able to get that restful sleep is best met with a quiet space in which to do it.

Increased Value: While you will immediately reap the benefits of a soundproof home, the time will come when you look to sell, and when you do, a comfortable home with a peaceful atmosphere will only add to the value of your assets!


If your room is soundproof, it implies no sound can enter.

Sound dampening is something that works differently from soundproofing. This is simply the reduction of noise, for which spray foam is a common solution.

If you want to soundproof a structure or a room completely, you may need to combine a few things, including noise absorbers, sound barrier materials, noise and isolation foams, and acoustic sound panels


If sound dampening is sufficient (which it likely is for residential homes without a legal or safety need for sound proof walls) you can manage the sound dampening off right with spray foam (which is just as effective as injection foam).

We offer sprayed foam insulation specifically with its acoustic quality in mind. Open-cell spray-foam formulations—that are lower density and usually less costly per board foot as compared to closed-cell counterparts—are perfect for sound deadening because it expands to fill the space and voids behind a wall.

Sprayed polyurethane foam as a sound-deadening technique works by filling wall voids and preventing vibrations in the air to travel through open space. The foam reduces this resonance by keeping the sound in one space.

It’s ideal to utilize in your house as it is able to dampen the talking, TV’s sound, along with flanking noises, such as sounds emanating from within the walls like showers running and toilets flushing.


There are several spray foam products that expand quite rapidly, and can do so with such rapid expansion that it creates pressure on the walls and the structure of the room.

In the event we apply these products within the walls that are finished, they may push outward on the interior wallboard and exterior sheathing. This will damage walls, allow for moisture to enter and ruin insulation, and is why professional insulation like ours is so important.

We install spray foam within a finished wall with two simple steps: firstly, we drill the small holes in the wall, either through the exterior sheathing on the outside or through the wallboard on the interior of the wall. Then, we spray the foam into these holes in order to fill the wall cavities. We are careful during the spraying process, and are mindful of the foam’s expansion so it does not create any damage to the walls.


or concerns regarding your sound dampening needs! We have the expertise to offer the most reliable and professional sound insulation for homes. We offer quick installation and the best support should you need any assistance.

Give your home the flair it needs while protecting your assets. We look forward to hearing from you.