insulation company in Ridgeland SC

The numbers don't lie. We're saving Ridgeland thousands every year.

Have you ever looked at your energy bills month-on-month and collapsed into a pile of despair? We understand the frustration rising utility costs cause. That’s why we introduced our energy-saving insulation and encapsulation services to Ridgeland, SC. The results of thousands in savings speak for themselves.

How does an insulation company Ridgeland SC shell out the big bucks?

Our expertise in home insulation and encapsulation doesn’t go unnoticed. We know what it takes to bring down your expensive energy bills significantly in our years of operation. Let us work our magic, and within 24 months or faster, you’ll start to see those costs spiral into a free-fall. That’s a pretty quick return on investment for our services!


Meet your new money men!

Think of Performance Energy as your money guy. We commit to keeping as many dollars in your pocket as possible by brokering insulation and encapsulation for your attics and crawlspaces. It’s one of the unique ways to invest in your future, but also one that brings the most reward.

The power of crawlspace insulation sees no boundaries.

Ridgeland, SC, has an opportunity just waiting to be tapped. Not only do insulate and encapsulated homes see the financial benefits, but the comfort levels will also make you fall in love with your property all over again. See the value of your home rise, and visitors enjoy your hospitality,

Watch your energy performance investment grow beyond your wildest expectations!

On average, you’ll see a $2400 investment in our services skyrocket within 24-months of insulation and encapsulation. Clients in Ridgeland, SC, see around $200 a month on savings and sometimes even more. Why not put that extra cash towards other lucrative opportunities and benefit even more? The sky is the limit!

Are you ready to start profiting from your home? Our crawlspace encapsulation Ridgeland SC puts more money in your pocket for good.

Let's set up a meeting to discuss your home's future.

We’re sure you want to know more about how our services secure the future of your home. Performance Energy takes pride in our ability to give Ridgeland, SC residents the savings they deserve. Give us a call, and we’ll set up a meeting with our energy efficiency experts to discuss how it’ll happen.

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Leverage our unique 'whole house' method to your advantage.

It’s our extraordinary ‘whole house’ method that supercharges your savings potential. Performance Energy isn’t just a ‘patch-up’ company. We meticulously audit homes to discover energy unbalances in every area of your home. The engineers identify the root of the problem and solve it by air sealing, insulating, and encapsulating.


Take risks in the stock market or use an insulation contractor Ridgeland SC?

Why worry about returns in the stock market when you can see more cash from insulation services? Our contractors apply the most professional services to ensure that cash flow maximizes within your home. We’re so effective we might as well be financial advisors – through our passion sits with energy efficiency services!

We bring bountiful encapsulation to your home and hearts.

Our encapsulation for crawlspaces and attics is key to a completely energy-efficient and comfortable house. Think of all the days and nights you can enjoy at home in a perfectly temperate environment, not having to worry about the cost of cooling and heat. Judging by our excellent reviews, our services have made their way into Ridgeland’s hearts!

Let the best attic insulation company in Ridgeland SC turn your home into a money-saving machine.

Money isn’t everything, but a more energy-efficient home opens a new realm of opportunity. Contact our friendly support team for a free consultation on your home’s energy performance today!