Thermal Acoustic Insulation


For most people, comfort and peace are the core values of home – and it is for this reason our Thermal Acoustic Insulation service is a must. As its name suggests, this service utilizes fiberglass-based, spray insulation to fill your walls and keep both the cold in and sound out. It does this by way of pores in the material, like foam or sponge that absorbs sound waves to reduce direct sound, echoes and reverberation.


The reasons you may need external insulation at home depends on how much noise pollution exists in your area (such as heavy traffic or close-proximity neighbors), and how much time you spend at home. This information will serve you best, because, while any insulation will reduce some noise, acoustic insulation is specially designed for soundproofing.

Our thermal acoustic insulation is best for structures near roads, railways, and crowded suburbs.


While all structures require insulated outer walls to manage energy and temperature, doing so for inner walls is a function of comfort. In family homes with many people doing different things, interior wall insulation is used to increase comfort by reducing noise between floors and rooms.

That said, internal wall insulation can be used in tandem with climate control systems to accurately and more efficiently keep heat where you want it most. This way, you have the option to turn up the heat in one room, but save energy by leaving it off in another without the temperature bleeding between them.


For commercial sites, thermal acoustic insulation can be a boon for energy efficiency, but also productivity and legal compliance. For businesses wherein many offices are bunched together, our services will provide all the benefits listed above, and – by doing so – increase the focus and productivity of your employees who have a calm space to conduct their responsibilities.

For businesses wherein privacy is not just beneficial, but required by law, insulating the interior walls is imperative to keep large meetings, or small, personal talks between only the intended audiences.

Use our Insulation not only to keep you comfortable, but to keep you safe

Our insulation will not only save you money by maintaining temperature, but will do so dur­ing the fire proofing process. When we come out and install your insulation, it will maximize your R‑value, increasing the fidelity of your structure’s safety.
Our thermal acoustic insuation drys into its form and does not disconfigure as it settles, and, as a result, continues to protect your structure and its inhabitants after we leave.


First, we find the most suitable product for you and your structure. Walls can be insulated using rolls or batts, and the dimensions of our insulation is available to fit any thickness of wall, floor, or ceiling.
Next, we make sure the insulation has settled out of its packaging and matches the wall’s thickness and, if required, gently shake it on its side until it inflates to proper thickness. If the insulation doesn’t fit correctly, we will need to make sure the proper support is put in place to prevent warping and shifting of the insulating material.

When we install insulation into the framing of your home, we are careful to secure a tight fit and avoid any gaps, tucks, folds or voids. We do this to avoid ‘sound leaks’ which can cause an irritating, localized rattling through your walls.
For metal frame walls, the insulation is installed using a friction fit on one side into the metal C-channel, then we butt the other edge against the metal stud for proper structural support.

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