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As the winter months continue to crystallize on our roofs and driveways, many of us are beginning to bundle up. We do this to keep that which is important to us – ourselves and families – safe from the harsh cold. What most new, and some long-time, homeowners forget to consider; however, is the importance of bundling up our homes.

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) reports that upwards of 90% of homes are under-insulated, and – because of this fact – are losing money in the form of heat energy that leaks out the proverbial – and sometimes literal – holes in the wall. To this end, we would like to introduce you to Residential Fiberglass Insulation.

A Home Should be Warm and Welcoming!

Without the proper protection provided by residential fiberglass insulation, a house – particularly older homes, but including newer ones – can develop a cost deficit of up past $200 a year. This might not sound like a lot, but over the span of 10 years you’ve already exceeded the average cost of a fiberglass upgrade by the time said upgrade would have paid for itself.

This, along with the fact that a home upgraded with the latest fiberglass insulation has an innate market value higher than its competition, is a strong argument for the upgrade, and – even if money isn’t your primary concern, the comfort that comes with knowing the heat in your home isn’t going anywhere but into the next room is enough to convince any homesteader.

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Our Fiberglass Insulation Will Work as Hard for you as we do!

Though the concept of insulation is one as old and intuitive as the home in which it is installed, Fiberglass insulation offers new, powerful boons to you that other types can’t. Firstly, fiberglass insulation is just that: made of glass fibers that are bundled together to create the pockets of air that traps heat (the definition of insulation). This differs from older methods wherein insulation providers used paper-based products in a very important way. Where old, paper insulation did an ok job keeping the heat in, it was particularly susceptible to moisture, and degraded over time with weather and natural phenomenon. Fiberglass on the other hand (adjacent to the hand where you’re holding all the money you will save) is immune to such effects as the glass maintains its integrity despite any water that might leak in.

Secondly, fiberglass, for the same reasons mentioned above, is immune to fire! How many times in recent years have we heard the devastating effects fire has had as it devours whole neighborhoods? This is one of the values of our fiberglass product you can only measure once it has reduced the risk for fire and impeded the spread of such damage. It is in theses ways that our service not only starts working for you when it gets cold outside, but continues to work for you well after the snow has melted.


How can you make the determination for yourself?

If this cursory introduction to our residential fiberglass insulation has you thinking it’s a good idea (which it should if you own a home and want to invest in its value and safety) then you might be wondering how to know if it’s something you need. Here are three ways you can tell our fiberglass service will benefit your home.

Does any room in your house get colder quicker? If you have been walking through your home and one room is always colder in the winter months, then you need a professional to come in and seal up whatever imperfection is allowing the heat to escape.

Does your power bill go up more than your neighbors when heating or cooling your home? If so, then your home needs a remedy regarding why you’re paying more than your neighbor to protect against the same weather.

Are there icicles hanging from your roof? If so, this could be a sign of poor insulation in your attic allowing heat to escape and melt the ice enough to drip over the edge of your roof

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